In 2007, we launched Every Man Jack by introducing simple, affordable, high-quality grooming products for guys. The results were overwhelming. Clearly, we’d tapped into something special.

Since then, we’ve been asked countless times about developing a similar line of products for women. But we know what women want. And it’s not something for “every woman,” no matter how noble that goal may be. Women are different. They care about their own unique needs.

Fast forward to 2013. We discovered a company called Own. We liked what the brand had begun. We loved what the name stood for. With Own, we could deliver what our fans wanted. We could stay true to the natural heritage, value pricing, and simplicity of Every Man Jack, but with products designed specifically for women. The result? Five collections tailored to different women’s needs: Age Defy, Radiance, Renew, Nourish, and Sensitive.

Welcome to Own Beauty.


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